The Chibi Tarot: The World's Cutest Tarot

The World's Cutest Tarot Deck!

Welcome to the Chibi Tarot! This is an ongoing project by artist Adam Blodgett to reinterpret the tarot's ancient tradition through the cutest lens imaginable! And don't discount the chibi tarot as an oracle! It's a serious tarot deck that knows its roots. Who said the Kabalah couldn't be cute?

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Major Arcana

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Contemporary Illustrated Tarots

You’ll not be surprised that I am a fan of contemporary illustrated tarots decks, though you might be surprised by how many of them there are. There has been a strong current of contemporary illustrators taking on the challenge of illustrating tarot cards in the last few years and the results are, for the most […]


The Manifesto

You don’t need a book to learn how to read tarot.

All the information that we need to read the tarot is already inside of us. All the stories, lessons and wisdom we’ll ever need are already at our fingertips. The key to learning to read the tarot is not mastering the arcane and mystical symbols that are so often embedded in the strange illustrations that populate the cards, but in learning to trust ourselves and our own understanding of what we see there and what that evokes in us. But that’s not what most people are going to tell you about the tarot, and it’s not what most decks want you to believe.

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