Contemporary Illustrated Tarots

You’ll not be surprised that I am a fan of contemporary illustrated tarots decks, though you might be surprised by how many of them there are. There has been a strong current of contemporary illustrators taking on the challenge of illustrating tarot cards in the last few years and the results are, for the most […]

Christ and the Butterfly

It’s hard for me to say how much I like Marie White’s Hanged Man from the Mary-El tarot deck. When the deck was still in its infancy I made a bookmark out of the image along with a small description and laminated it, which I still have (the Star was on the reverse). The Hanged […]

Unrelated Tarot Thoughts

– Tarot, as a system that attracts intuitive, artistic people, is understandably most critical of the element that represnts the power of rational thought and the home of reason: Air and its suit, Swords. Redeeming the power of air is key to balancing the elements and utilizing what the rational mind has to offer. – […]

They’re Here!!!!

Chibi Nation! It’s been a bit on the quiet side for awhile (tho I am posting updates on the Kickstarter site), but I come with good news: The Decks have arrived! It’s been a thrilling ride and one I will never forget. You’ve all been so patient with me and I hope your patience is […]

The Tarot and Chess, Part I

Photograph of chess pieces on a chess board
I’ve played chess as long as I can remember. Not well, mind you. I thought I played well until my friend Ethan beat me in roughly 7 moves when we started playing in Mrs. Hoffman’s 4th grade class. My father taught me the rules early, over a variety of chess boards, though the one I […]

The World Card – Sketches and Notes

The World Card - Guardian Spirit - Lion
The Chibi Tarot Major Arcana is coming to a close, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve finished the Chariot and started work on the World Card. The last two remaining cards, the Star and the Sun, should be very straightforward, as I’ve already completed the major pieces for each of those cards. I’ve been […]

Tarot Runs in the Family

Tarot Major Arcana - The Hanged Man as drawn by my son
A few months ago my 4-year-old son took to the page and drew three of the tarot’s major arcana: the Sun, the Emperor and the Hanged Man. The results are below. Here’s what he had to say about the cards: Those are beautiful cards. Them mean the truth and prosperity. (You can see the originals […]

Why the Chibi Tarot: A Manifesto

Let’s just get this out of the way: You shouldn’t need a book to read the tarot. All the information that we need to read the tarot is already inside of us. All the stories, lessons and wisdom we’ll ever need are already at our fingertips. The key to learning to read the tarot is […]

Reinvigorating Our Lives with the Mythic Power of the Tarot

The Chibi Tarot - 14 Temperance - Medium
I struggle a lot with the use of the tarot. I am not naturally a tarot reader, at least, if I am I haven’t discovered the way that works best for me. I struggle with the phrasing of the question and the structure of the answer that the tarot provides. I struggle with structuring the […]

A Serious Post About a Silly Game

As I wrote about in my last post, I’ve been immersing myself in Joseph Campbell’s seminal text, The Hero With a Thousand Faces. Being plunged so purely into the essence of mythology is revivifying. Being bathed in the the totems and talismans of cultures from across the world and watching as they’re woven into a […]