XXI – The World

In the World all the work that we’ve done for 21 cards comes to fruition; we see the harmony we’ve created within our lives reflected clearly in the world around us. “As above so below” comes undone and we see there is neither above nor below, but a never-ending tapestry of existence of which we are a beautiful, integral and infinitesimal part.

We understand there’s no separation between our own order and the order of the world around us, that the invisible but persistent barriers we believe sepa- rate us from the rest of the world, the lim- itations that we’ve rigorously maintained as our “identity” dissolve, and we see within ourselves a multitude of person- alities interacting with an ecosystem of learned behaviors striving to happily co- exist and find satisfaction in a confusing, tumultuous world. All of these barriers fall away leaving us, for a moment, at one with the universe.

XX Judgement

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