XX Judgement

In Judgement we resurrect the unloved and abandoned pieces of ourselves, the pieces we cut away to achieve what we then considered success. We’ve crafted or acquired for ourselves a magical instru- ment of resurrection, taught ourselves a dandy little tune and we’re ready to blow our horn and call back those things we thought long dead. We charm the ugly, lame and dead pieces of ourselves back to life, ready with our tools of diplomacy and love to make amends to them for leaving them behind. In doing so we abandon our barriers by saying YES to the previously unloved pieces of ourselves in a radically pow- erful way. This powerful YES transforms our perception of who we can be and what we can achieve. Calling back those forlorn pieces of ourselves is powerful magic, but it’s only the first step: We must also embrace them. Once we do we open the door to our own enlightenment.
XIX The Sun
XXI - The World

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