VII The Chariot

The Chariot represents the strengthening of our will, the development of our intention and the beginning of our momentum. We have yoked together the wild and unwieldy elements of our lives to harness their power for our own advancement. This arrangement demonstrates neither consensus nor mastery, but rather strength of will to overcome obstacles and achieve victory in the face of disorder or antagonism.

The engines of momentum are disgruntled sphinxes, unhappy to be chained, irritated to be working together. Having corralled our personal sphinxes by risk- ing our own lives and unravelling their riddles, we can chain them to our chariot, preparing to abandon the familiar and step out into the unknown. In choosing adventure over the familiar we opt for growth over safety, repeating the lessons of the Fool but with a direction and intention that the Wandering Otaku eschews.

06 The Lovers
VIII Strength

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