VIII Strength

It’s said that the clothes make the man, and I believe that there’s a certain truth to that. Strength shows us the freedom that can come in wearing a mask, a freedom that can unleash power we didn’t know we had access to. The little girl in the lion costume has the ability to try on new identities and discover pieces of herself that may be off-limits in other contexts, placing an array of new tools at her disposal. The power of Strength, though, is not only in allowing ourselves to try on new costumes, but in learning to harness its strength even when the costume is off. Strength also embodies a sense of play that once unlocked can infuse everything we do. The transformation of a chore into a game releases a huge amount of joy, allowing us to pursue what we love rather than grudgingly completing our obligations.
VII The Chariot
IX The Hermit
Chibi Tarot - IX The Hermit

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