IV The Emperor

The Chibi Tarot - Major Arcana - IV The Emperor

The Emperor is a square, there’s no way around that, and it’s a double edged sword. Positively, it makes him incredibly reliable. Negatively, his focus on safety and stability can become a restraining power, stifling innovation and personal freedom. The Empress has the responsibility for the individual, the Emperor nurtures the collective. The Empress cares for the plants, the Emperor oversees the whole garden.

The Emperor is capable of mystery and intrigue; subterfuge is a staple of his statecraft. It is simply that much of what he does has little to do with deception. This is not a man who needs to win an election, not a man who needs the good- will of the people. Ideally, it is something that can make ruling easier, but it is certainly not necessary: he rules by right of his very existence, and he knows all too well that power’s precarious nature.

III The Empress
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