XIX The Sun

It’s difficult to overstate the power of the Sun. It has no day: it is day. Every moment of our lives is determined, by vary- ing degrees, in relationship to the sun: Time, weather, food, light. It is literally the center of our universe, drawing planets into orbit by the sheer power of its gravity. Billions of lives recharge themselves by the grace of the sun, the flaming heart of our temporal existence. Thus as we step into the metaphoric power of the Sun in our own lives we become a source of energy for ourselves and others. Life grows up around us of its own accord. As it does we see the garden we abandoned in the Lovers and the Chariot is regrown, a symbol that the unknown has now become familiar and the arrival of wisdom that resembles innocence and a sustaining power that helps feed and nurture those we’ve drawn into orbit around us.
XVIII The Moon
The Chibi Tarot - Major Arcana - XVIII The Moon
XX Judgement

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