They’re Here!!!!

Chibi Nation! It’s been a bit on the quiet side for awhile (tho I am posting updates on the Kickstarter site), but I come with good news: The Decks have arrived! It’s been a thrilling ride and one I will never forget. You’ve all been so patient with me and I hope your patience is […]

Chibi Tarot Kickstarter Prep!

Special thanks to my friend and amazing photographer Rebecka Regan of for the GREAT photos during the shoot. Hi there! It’s been awhile. How’ve you been? Me? Oh man, I’ve been busy. Let me tell you about it! A lot of my time in the last few weeks has been spent prepping for the […]

The Stickers are Here!

Hey look! We’ve got stickers! They arrived today from PSPrint! They look REALLY good, so you should buy one! That’s right, our first merch is up and online in our new shop! It’s not much yet, but I’ll be continuing to add merchandise throughout the year and hopefully before too long we’ll have a deck […]


Good news! On Monday I ordered the first set of Chibi Tarot stickers from PSPrint. Now, some of you may remember that I held a small poll on Facebook to decide which sticker should be the first Chibi Tarot sticker and that Death won in that poll by one vote. There were two reasons that […]

My Vision for the Chibi Tarot

I had a fan (I have a fan!) email me this morning enquiring about possible release dates for the Chibi Tarot, based on this thread from I didn’t have a lot of good news, but at least I did have news, and I realized that perhaps a lot of you migh have similar […]