Unrelated Tarot Thoughts

  • Carte_bergamasche– Tarot, as a system that attracts intuitive, artistic people, is understandably most critical of the element that represnts the power of rational thought and the home of reason: Air and its suit, Swords. Redeeming the power of air is key to balancing the elements and utilizing what the rational mind has to offer.
  • – Understanding the pips, it’s important for me to return to the visual source. The Marseilles desk does an amazing job of representing the actual nature of the numbers, a visual representation of the idea embodied in the Arabic numeral. Learning the pips and delving deeply into the spiritual significance of the ideas embodied in the concepts zero through ten, I will start with the Marseilles deck’s tightly integrated visual (if abstract) representation of the pips, because I think there’s a fundamental magic there that our (now) traditionally illustrated minor arcana misses out on.

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