Change of Direction

There’s nothing more irritating than starting over. Professional artists do it all the time. Dan Clowes has said that it’s better to redraw an entire page than to regret it when the piece comes out. I don’t like agreeing with him (he’s one of my least favorite visual storytellers), but in this case I’m forced […]

Wisdom From Unexpected Places

The world is an oracle, if we know how to read the signs. I have no doubt of that fact now, after having spent nearly 2 years producing my own tarot deck and related materials. And wisdom and insight into the tarot often come from unexpected place. I’ve been struggling with deep understanding of card […]

Where the Magic Is

I spoke briefly in my comments on Justice about it being the center of the tarot, and I’ve mentioned before about a card’s placement within the first, second or third line of the tarot and I thought that I’d address that for a moment, since I’ve never explicitly explained the meaning behind that train of […]

The Hanged Man and the Material World: Or the Time I Gave Away a Car

One of the interesting things about the Hanged Man for me are the coins that sometimes lay on the ground below him, fallen, we assume, from his pockets as he was hung. The meaning, of course, is that the hanged man has forsaken worldly wealth for an inner wealth of knowledge and deep spiritual insight. […]

Kickstarter Wrap Up

It’s been two months since the Chibi Tarot Kickstarter was funded, but for me it’s still not entirely real. I don’t think that’s simply because the cards aren’t in my hand. There’s enough art and momentum at this point that the project is very real. I think that’s because I have a hard time taking […]

Why You Should Give a Buck!

Chibi Nation! I know that some of you have already contributed to the Kickstarter campagin, and for that I am grateful. It may be that the rest of you are waiting to ride to the rescue as the Kickstarter ends, but I would urge you not to do that. I really want you to give […]

Chibi Tarot Kickstarter Prep!

Special thanks to my friend and amazing photographer Rebecka Regan of for the GREAT photos during the shoot. Hi there! It’s been awhile. How’ve you been? Me? Oh man, I’ve been busy. Let me tell you about it! A lot of my time in the last few weeks has been spent prepping for the […]

Emerald City Comic Con ’12

Before I dig into my review of the Emerald City Comicon I want to give you a little history. I grew up in San Diego. That won’t mean much to anyone who isn’t familiar with comic conventions, but if you are familiar with them you know that in the last 10 years the San Diego […]

The Hierophant WIP 01 & 02

Here are some peeks at the Hierophant. I posted two so that you can see a little more clearly my working process. The most drastic change between the first and the second is in the girl in the bottom right-hand site. Let me know what you think in the comments!